Added values for your business

Products are an important part of the business, but it takes more than just products to design and build a good PVNot only the abbreviation for photovoltaics. The term is composed of Photon (Hellenistic for light) and the name of the physicist Alessandor Volta (1745 – 1827), at his time one of the leading scientists in the field of galvanic electricity. He constructed the first electrical battery in 1780. system.


You need

  • products that keep what they promise
  • knowledge to tackle the most difficult projects
  • tools that make you work more efficiently
  • and a service that doesn’t end with delivery

Your customers will appreciate the difference.



Quality is paramount: we implement a plethora of measures to guarantee the quality of our products.
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Our workshops and showroom in Oxford are the perfect place to learn more about our systems.
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PV Manager

Project management is difficult and time-consuming, so we designed PV Manager to make your life easier!
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IBC SOLAR acknowledges its responsibility for the products sold. Sustainability is assured along the entire value chain: free take-back and recycling with PV CYCLE.
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